They threw us a bone…

Aujourd’hui un article un peu particulier. Pour la première fois de notre vie de blogueurs, nous avons été tagués (youhou c’est le début de la gloire) !!! Le principe: un blogueur indique le lien de votre site dans un questionnaire publié sur son propre blog, avec pour mission d’y répondre. L’objectif étant de donner un peu plus de visibilité à votre blog sur la toile (les tags, comme des « chaînes de l’amitié » finalement!, devant se répandre sur le world wide web plus vite qu’une traînée de poudre), mais également de vous faire connaître un peu mieux de votre lectorat.

Le concept de notre blog est plutôt d’ordre privé, familial et amical, avec le public qui va avec. Donc je ne taguerai pas à mon tour d’autres blogs pour qu’ils participent à cette petite chaîne. Néanmoins cela nous amusait de répondre aux drôles de questions posées par Freddie et Karsten (à l’origine du tag, et que vous pouvez retrouver sur leur blog Familial Entropy, allez voir les superbes clichés de Freddie!). Voici donc notre participation. Dernière précision, nos gentils amis blogueurs étant non francophones, c’était la moindre des choses que de répondre à ce questionnaire dans la langue de Shakespeare! Désolée pour les non anglophones… En même temps, ça vous fera réviser un peu vos leçons du lycée 😉

Today a rather unusual post. For the first time of our bloging-life, we’ve been tagued (yeah, this is how celebrity starts) !!! What’s a tag? A blogger sends you an invitation to answer some questions with the aim of making your blog a bit more popular, and also in order to give the people who read your blog a chance to let you know better.

Our blog is actually more private, and adresses more to family, friends or close relatives. That’s why I won’t tag other blogs on that « bone ». Still, it was very amusing for us to answer the (sometimes) weird questions asked by Freddie and Karsten (who threw us this bone, you can find their blog on Familial Entropy, very nice pictures inside!). This is our participation.

What invention was most useful to your personel life and why?

Nicolas : Computer. Without a the slightest hesitation. I have spent, I spend and will spend what one might call a considerable amount of time on computers. They are my favourite tool when it comes to self-entertainment. We had our first computer around 1996 and I have always had one ever since.

Cécile : After quite a braistorming in my head to find an answer to that tricky question, I would say the Internet. Actually I can’t barely remember how was life before it. It’s probably a good hint of how it changed my life! Probably even more since we’re living abroad as internet gives us a chance to stay in touch with our relatives through e-mails, skype calls or even text messages.

Do you think you have multiple personalities?

Nicolas : Yes. No. Wait, who said that ? Seriously, yes. It sometimes bothers me a little because it feels like I do not have one proper self but several selves who are me without being entirely me in the same time. To be a bit less esoteric I could say that I usually but unconsciously adapt my personality to the situation or the persons around me. There is me at work, there is me the husband, me the dad, me with friends, me with other friends… All the « me’s » probably share some common characteristics (they have to, otherwise I am mentally deranged) but they are different. Sometimes I notice the change, sometimes I do not. I just hope that people do not see me as a too-many-faceted man.

Cécile : Humm, I would say at first: No! But maybe I’m not the best person to answer this question 😉 I would say that I’m quite a reasonable person, realistic and pragmatic and I do my best to keep my feet on the ground. Of course, my husband might have a different opinion as my current mood swings could be quite desorienting. But ha, pregancy hormones you know!

What question did you always ask youself but never got an answer to?

Nicolas : What was there before the Big Bang ? What lies outside the boundaries of our universe ? I like to think about those questions even though I believe they are formulated in such a way that there exists no answer to them. They are just too biased by the way humans conceive their three dimensional space (which is very different from the universe as a whole). Yet, I cannot find any other way of phrasing that thought : what the heck is the universe ?

Cécile : Mmmm really tough one! Even if it’s quite recent, I would say « what’s in my daughter’s head when she’s mumbling to herself in her bed before going to sleep? ». She’s starting to have a quite elaborate language, but only understandable for her! It’s really funny to listen to her, imagining what she’s really telling to her toys and teddy bears…

What was the most breathtaking moment of your life?

Nicolas : I will cheat a little bit if you allow me. Thank you. There were two breathtaking moments in my life, significantly different from each another. The first was the birth of my daughter, and more precisely the very moment when, only aged a few minutes, she opened her deep blue eyes and stared at me. The feeling at that moment was absolutely indescribable. Recalling that memory still gives me goose bumps. The other one was my first bungee jump. A mixture of sheer terror when staring down at the 60-metre-drop that was lurking under that very narrow gangplank and the mind-blowing adrenaline rush when actually making the step forward… and downward.

Cécile : With absolutely no doubt, I will say the moment when (after dozen hours of pain…) Eléonore was put on my belly and took her very first look at Nicolas and me. Still a goosebumps memory…

Early bird or night owl?

Nicolas : Night owl. I’ve always liked the night. I think it is something about the light. Or the absence of light you might say. For some reason that I cannot explain I like the feeling of living at night. Everything looks so different then. Mornings, on the other hand, seem very aggressive to me. They are synonymous of noisy alarm-clocks, shattered dreams and eye-burning light.

Cécile : When I was younger (huhu, we can’t hide ourselves that we turned our 20’s now…) I was quite able to be both. But definitely I have always been rather an early bird, enjoying my bed sometimes even before 10 pm 🙂

What is your evening routine after 6pm?

Nicolas : Playing with my daughter /chatting with my wife (two activities that have proved to be almost incompatible when done at the same time) until 6:30. It is then time to bathe the young lady. After that it is time to eat. More playing with Eléonore and finally we put her to bed. From 8:30 onwards starts the time for us to relax and enjoy the evening in various ways.

Cécile : If he’s not home yet, I am waiting for my husband’s return while playing with Eléonore. At 6:30pm approx. Nicolas takes Eléonore to the bath, meaning that I have basically 30 minutes to do stuff on my own: reading books or blogs, finishing to cook the dinner, or just relaxing in a way or another. Around 7:00pm we now share our dinner all the three of us, as a real family 🙂 It also means that we must take care of Eléonore’s glass (ooops spilled on the table) or Eléonore’s spoon (overfilled!!! and ooops again, on the table or on the floor) but in general we really enjoy our meal all together and laugh a lot with our little clown 🙂 After meal, a small moment of playing for the little one, bedtime around 8:00pm and after that the evening is ours! Reading, watching tv-series, sometimes playing boardgames… Finally time to relax for the older ones!

Favourite tv-series?

Nicolas : I recently came up with a top-3 (without any ranking) : The Wire for its astounding quality and depth. Breaking Bad for its original topic and the strong attachments you feel toward the main characters. Battlestar Galactica which successfully gathers all the ingredients for a perfect science-fiction story.

Cécile : Last best series watched: The Wire. Perfect casting, perfect script, perfect end. Nothing more to say. Thanks to my sister for the tip!  I also had a really good time watching Six Feet Under.

Have you lived abroad for some time and if yes, where?

Nicolas : I am living abroad now for the first time in my life (I am obviously not counting school trips as « living abroad »). It will be at least 3 years (most probably 4) away from my motherland.

Cécile : Easy one 😉 Our move to Finland in July 2012 was the very first experience for me to live abroad for more than holidays. And it’s really a great experience.

What do you miss?

Nicolas : Not much to be quite honest. I miss family and friends of course but the excitement of building a somewhat new life largely compensate for their absence. Then, food-wise, I must confess that I sometimes feel a crave for oysters… a crave that has remained unsatisfied so far.

Cécile : But of course, I kind of miss some things from my homeland. Family and friends for starters, but also some food stuff for a person very fond of good food like me… I would say oysters, affordable wines, black sausage (yes really!!!) and « crêpes bretonnes » 😉

Do you have a repeating dream and if yes, what is it about?

Nicolas : I seldom remember my dreams. The closest I have to recollection is a mere sensation punctuated with weird images that vanish few minutes after waking up. They are generally emotionally good or neutral. I do not think I have any recurrent dream.

Cécile : Not really. I often remember my dreams when I wake up but they are frequently totally lunatics and non-sensed! Since the beginning of my second pregnancy I also have sometimes bad nightmares with people willing to attack me… weird han?

What was the first thing you said this morning?

Nicolas : Today it was « Salut Zouzou. Bien dormi ? ». It was directed to a friend who had been spending the weekend at our place and whom I was about to drive to the airport at an ungodly hour. Any other day it would have been something like « Bonjour mon amour ».

Cécile : It was : « Bonjour Eléonore! Tu as bien dormi? ». Normally these words are rather reserved to my beloved husband, but since this morning he woke up early to drive back our week-end guest to the airport, I’m quite sure I said nothing to him because I was still sleeping when the clock rang…

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  1. Merci beaucoup pour les réponses!! Thank you for the answers – I very much agree with you on the deal that the blog is mainly for friends and family (I was a bit hesitant of answering the questions myself because I felt it does not really fit into our blog…but well, I guess we made it fit somehow, hehe). But we very much enjoyed your answers 🙂 Enjoy your evening and hopefully see you soon, Freddie

  2. Ninie

    Thanks for the english lesson!
    But, I’m surprised that there is nothing about dogs in this article! 😉


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